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Corral Center Mountain Bike Park to be Revitalized
Lory State Park is a very popular regional mountain bike destination for people who live in and visit Colorado’s Northern Front Range area.  We have annually well over 20,000 mountain bike visitors who experience our trail system, which includes the Corral Center Mountain Bike Park, a unique and special feature at Lory.  The Bike Park was originally built as a corral for the equine concessionaire Double Diamond Stables, active from 1986 to about 2006.  With help from local volunteers, the Corral Center was then converted into a beginner Mountain Bike Park for kids and adults to hone their skills for trail riding.
Lory partners with local, regional, and national groups to host mountain bike races and events throughout each year.  Race events include “40 in the Fort” sponsored by the Overland Mountain Bike Club, the “Lory X-Terra Triathlon” managed by Without Limits Productions, and the “Lory Mountain Challenge”, a weekly late summer series of youth mountain bike races sponsored and managed by Ciclismo Youth Foundation.  The Overland Mountain Bike Club also sponsors “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” to introduce youth to the outdoor rewards of recreational mountain biking on soft surface trails.  All of these events utilize the Corral Center Mountain Bike Park, many staging their starts and finishes at this central location.
Although the Bike Park remains quite popular, it needs substantial updating and renovation.  Drainage issues from several notable rain events over the years had compromised the dirt jumps and loop track.  The wooden structural features were deemed unsafe due to age, weathering, and deterioration.  In September of 2013, REI volunteers and crewmembers from the Larimer County Conservation Corps removed the structures.  Park management and the Friends of Lory State Park have researched current features of bike parks that appeal to the mountain biking community.  We envision a highly sustainable facility to minimize ongoing maintenance needs.  It will include tiered or progressive loops, courses, and features that all ages and most levels of bikers will be able to enjoy and build their skills.  The newly remodeled Bike Skills Park will thus serve as a great training area leading to the many and varied trails at Lory.
The planning and redesign process is underway, and fundraising efforts have begun  Volunteers are currently needed for this phase of the project – please contact the Friends of Lory State Park at if you are interested in participating on our Project Committee.  There will also be a need for field volunteers later on during various phases of installation, so get on our email, Facebook, or Twitter lists, and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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