Friends of Lory History
The Friends of Lory State Park began with a “steering committee” in the fall of 2012. The steering committee voted to incorporate as a non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting the Park in April 2013. The Friends of Lory applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status in March 2014 and received our non-profit status September 18, 2014. We welcome donations and new memberships to help grow our ability to support the Park. For donation purposes, our EIN is 46-2565796. The FoLSP working board helps guide and steer the projects and work we do, all with the goal of supporting Lory State Park. The board welcomes new officers. Please see our Board job description and application for more information.

Our Mission
Friends of Lory State Park is dedicated to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the Park. The Friends group serves as a supportive entity to complement the goals of Lory State Park.

Our Vision
Friends of Lory State Park provides volunteer assistance to the management of Lory State Park. In this capacity, the Friends group works to foster stewardship, enhance educational and recreational opportunities in partnership with the Park, and advocates quality programs for visitors of all ages.

Park History
Visit Lory State Park online for more information about the history, flora and fauna, trails, group picnic areas, conditions, maps and directions, and photo galleries.

Lory State Park, historically known as Pleasant Valley, served as a buffer zone between the indigenous Ute people and nomadic Plains tribes. The land served as a communal hunting ground for tribes to harvest bison as well as gather choke cherries and wild plums.

As homesteaders migrated west, the land became part of the Howard family ranch and was sold to the state of Colorado in 1967.

The park supports over 20 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding on over 2400 acres of park land. Like our historic ancestors, this land once again serves as a communal ground for diverse groups of park visitors.

Photographers, hikers, bikers, equestrians, hunters, bird watchers, nature lovers, and families all come to enjoy the gem that is Lory State Park.